Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a Crafting!

I have been so inspired by my friends and the other bloggers out there. There are so many inspirations and ideas that I would love to attempt that I have actually started a spiral that is broken down by categories so I an look up the sites when I am ready to tackle a project. I am horrible at writing tutorials! If you only knew how many attempts I have tried to share an craft idea you would laugh out loud! I just get to focused and excited when I am crafting that I forget to take pictures or my explanation is so horrible I just throw up my hands- Ha! So, I will just show you some things that have been going on in my home.

The above pictures are some purse size calenders I made for birthday gifts and my secret prayer sister at church.
I now have a craft closet thanks to my adorable husband and my Dad. I will share pictures of that at another time. However, here is the lamp shade I made to go on my table. Seriously, just a lamp shade can liven up a place!

Here is my magnetic clipboard and magnets I made for the fridge! I am always looking for a glamorous (Ha! Ha!) way to show off my boys art work and the grocery list- This will do for me now! Such an easy project with a feel good feeling in about an hour!

I have been a busy bee making curtains for the house. It has been almost two years since the move and I am just know working on curtains! However, to me a home is FOREVER a work in progress. get the picture!

Here is my embellished sewing box...I love the colors!

Here is a glance at the curtain I made for the craft closet. If you add this curtain with the lamp and then with the sewing box you are able to get the color scheme I am going with!

Here is my kitchen window homemade treatment!
These curtains are my favorite so far...I completed them in about an hour.

Can you tell that I am all about a project that can be done in an hour!!!!!
I am one of those girls that always feels good when I am decorating the house or crafting. I just feel I always need about three things in the works...I know ALL THREE of my boys should count for this-Hee! Hee! But, decorating and crafting make me feel good about who I am and the abilities God gave me to make my house a HOME. children were starved during these projects. I have been staying up late after the boys are a sleep...
and what is a TV?

What have you been crafting???

When do you craft?

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Holly said...

Love all of it--it's very YOU. Your sewing machine has been whirring the nights away, huh?