Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A day with the animals

Ride'em Cowboys!

We loaded up and headed to the "Big City" rodeo.

It's so funny that the boys had everything they needed for a day of pigs, horses, steers...

Yes, I guess we are country folks!

Here are a few pictures of the day.

The boys learned a lot and were mesmerized by the actual rodeo (or plum worn out from walking through all the live stock!).

Here is the Break Down: Favorites
1. K-Man- "the grumpy bulls!", "the funny clowns"

2. Little Bit- "the cows and horses"

3. Momma- the stunt riders

4. Daddy- the bulls

As we walked through the livestock barns I kept telling my adorable husband which animals I thought were the "prettiest". I asked him if we would be able to pick out the animals the boys will show (when their old enough) by how pretty they were. Needles to say, he just laughed out loud! Hey, Mr. Adorable Husband, I only want pretty animals on our property!!

I will hang this picture on the wall!

There is no tackling, no yelling, no tattling, no whining...

Just a brotherly embrace!

What I learned:

1. Wipes a necessity for an un-potty trained two year old-OOPS!

(But I had the diapers...that a girl!)

2. There are some wonderful moms out there who are more prepared then me and are more then willing to share their wipes!

3. There are worse things then a mother watching her boy play football...Watching her son ride a bucking bull!!!

4. You actually use hair blowers (Ha!) to dry a steer.

5. Boots are probably the best foot wear when spending the day around animals!


Tomilyn said...

Those are are some great pics. I LOVE the one you are going to frame. Sounds like y'all had a blast. You are too funny with the "prettiest" comment. Did Trey show steers growing up? I showed lambs. My brothers showed steers, heifers and pigs. That seems like a lifetime ago. I agree with the #3 on your list.

Michelle said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys all had a fun day.

Kim said...

SO much fun!!! The lats are adorable!!!! Did you get pink boots yet?!??!?! And when K and B are riding bulls and R and J are playing football we can cry on each other's shoulders about the dangerous things our boys do!!! Miss you, country girl!

Misty said...

I'm telling you - there needs to be at least one pairs of boots in your closet. Give me a yell when you are ready to go boot shopping - there are some CUTE ones out there!