Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shop Local

The boys and I spent some time in town today...(I avoid taking both boys at the same time at all cost), but today we made it an adventure. Between the "must" errands, we made a couple of stops at locally owned business. One is a new little specialty popcorn/fudge place and another was a little cafe for lunch. This past weekend I also ventured out into our down town area and loved strolling among the stores. Why do I not do the local thing more often- I love it and it's what makes small towns great.

Oh- we got cotton candy, banana, and pickled flavored popcorn!


silken said...

I think I"ll stick w/ butter flavored!

momto4girls said...

I want to come visit the popcorn place! There used to be one in College Station and I would splurge some. The cotton candy sounds good!

Daesha said...

I love stimulating the local economy whenever I can. Sometimes it's out of the way, but always fun!