Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Date with Me!

I took a couple of hours today and enjoyed the movie Amelia.

1. I was one of the younger people watching the movie...The 1:20pm time could have been the reason. However, I was happy to share the theater with two older ladies sitting beside me (maybe late 70's) totally enjoying the movie. Probably visiting many childhood memories.

2. I really do love movies based on real people and real events. I often find myself very inspired by their lives. The story of Amelia is no different.

3. I wish there were more PG movies.

4. I really want to go grab a book on Amelia's life...too many books, too little time!

5. There is something wonderful about going to the movie alone.


Rochelleht said...

Oh! My mom and dad took my grandma for her birthday and said they loved it. They said it was totally clean, too. Now with these great reviews, I'm going to have to see it.

Holly said...

I love to go to the movies by myself when I can--esp. if there is something Scott has NO interest in seeing at all. Glad you were able to do it!!

Amelia looks like I good movie, I hope to see it too. I like Hilary Swank--she's such a good actress.

momto4girls said...

Glad to hear it was good, I had been wondering!
There is not much better than a movie alone, a bag of popcorn and I even go all out and get a NON diet Dr. Pepper.