Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fun with Friends

A. and K. fishing in the pond (A. loved fishing!)
A. and K. fishing again
A. and K. playing outside (they are going to "church" and the "post office")
Holly and Lacie just enjoying the day with each other and family!
K. 10 minutes after our sweet friends drove away!

There is nothing like friendships. Our friends came to visit Sat. to see our new home and experience our country lifestyle. I loved every minute of the relaxing day. We talked, played, looked at maps, made dreamy plans, drove around, talked, sat outside, fished, ate, and did I mention talked. I was so excited to share my home with our friends. I loved watching K. and A. play and interact together. They are growing up so fast. It was also comforting to see that we can be a good distance a part, but never feel that a day has gone by since we have seen each other! The friendships our families have will only grow over time- I feel sure of that!

Oh- did I mention Holly was running in a marathon today! Run girl, Run!


Mon said...

I know you were glad to have old friends come visit you in your new home. Looks like the kids and adults alike took up where they left off!!!

Deanna said...

I'm so glad y'all had a good time together!

silken said...

good stuff!