Monday, June 11, 2007

When family visits...

When family visits...( Gramzie and the boys)
We all get extra hugs and kisses, We all get too many "prizes" to count, We get pushed on the swing as long as we want, We go to the zoo and get a HUGE Elephant head drink that cost $9 for just water in it!,...

(Macey, Haley, Emily, and the K-Man)

We laugh and run around a restaurant acting like we are the only ones there, We spill water all down the table and nobody cares, We have to eat our donuts before we get apple slices...

(Grammie and Poppa with the boys)

We get souvenirs from NY, We all eat really good catfish and shrimp, We fall into the pond and survive with lots of laughter and hugs, We throw the Frisbee and hit baseballs with a cheering audience, We all get extra hugs and kisses.

Nothing like family visits!

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