Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Mail for the Boys!

My boys LOVE getting the mail. We are usually at the table eating lunch when the "mail lady" comes and delivers the GOOD MAIL. To K-man it's like Christmas everyday! As soon as he sees her, "Lets get the MAIL! I bet there is something for ME!" The funny thing is a lot of the time there is something special for the boys. The concept of Good Mail has taken over our home! Thanks to wonderful friends and family Good Mail bring much joy to our days! Here is a THANK YOU to:

The Sabs (Troy, Heather, Reid and Macy) for the Dinosaur Book- How did you know K. is CRAZY about dinosaurs? It is really that obvious?!

Rylan and Jacob for the Bible Story CD and Book. Little Bit dove right into "reading" the book (it tasted good too!)

Annelise for the fun animal crafts! K. had to make them, "RIGHT NOW"! I hope we made them right. We had to guess on a few pieces.

Paw Paw and Gramzie for the shirts, coloring book and book. We were such mean parents and made K. wait until he took a nap before jumping into the color book. I know, I know...a grandparent would never have let that happen! The shirts are perfect!

Thank you ALL for making my children feel special and bringing excitement to checking the mail!


BriteCloud said...

Lacie, I was so excited to see a comment on my Blog from you! I had no idea that all of you were blogging. Where have I been?? Your boys are growing too fast! They are so cute. I miss seeing your sweet family. Now I am excited that I can keep up with you through the blog. Love you! Rhonda

onehm said...

I love anything by Mark Teague (the illustrator of the dino book your cutie is holding in the first pic)...
He was in my mom's first grade class the first year she taught, and he even dedicated one of his books to her and everything. He is so talented. We love anything dino too!
How fun for your kiddos to get something fun in the mail!

Tip Junkie said...

So cute. My boys love getting the mail too. I've been wanting to do the blog good mail but haven't found the ambition yet. I will soon I hope. I need to be more serving and spread some good cheer.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that they enjoyed the "Good Mail"!!! Seems like I enjoy sending "good mail" because I know it is soooo special to each person receiving it!!!

Mike said...

my husband had to share his good mail he got this week-straight from the K man! :)

silken said...

oops sorry, that above comment was from me, I didn't know I was signed in under his account-I didn't even know he HAD a blog account! :)