Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thank You Mr. Holley

With the move came the hard transition of becoming a part of a new church family. It is never easy being the "new guy" even in a warm environment of a church. The first time we visited the Aledo Church we were a bit late and sat towards the back next to a tall man with a kind smile. This sweet older gentleman talked to us and made us feel very welcome. He had a sincere smile and "really" talked to us and wanted to "know us". The next time we visited he made a effort to find us and again "really" talked to us. He remembered our names and smiled his kind smile at our children.

From that first visit to the Aledo Church Mr. Holley has made a huge impact on us. He has made us feel welcome and our boys feel special. We have talked on MANY occasions on the way home from church about how Mr. Holley is such a kind man and a quiet leader in the church. He is a quiet, meek, gentle man that touches you heart with his sincerity.

Today we found out that Mr. Holley had a tractor accident and passed away. My heart is heavy for the man who touched my life so greatly over such a short period of time.With the announcement came many stories from others that knew him much longer. These special stories have only confirmed what I witnessed over the last several weeks. A man who loved his God, wife,family, and those around him. His quiet actions touched many lives.

In honor of Mr. Holley I encourage you to lead a life that could touch another...beacuse it will. Live a life that speaks through your actions.
Thank you Mr. Holley for your Christian example.


Holly said...

Oh Lacie, I'm so sad to hear about your friend Mr. Holley. He sounds like a wonderful man and how thoughtful to quietly and consistently welcome you--what a blessing--and example.

BTW a friend of mine from college was from Weatherford/Aledo. I think they lived in Aledo actually.

maria said...

What an powerful story! It just shows you how powerful our examples can be, if we just choose to let Christ's light shine! I am so sad to hear about his recent passing away. I'm sure he will be dearly missed. I'm just glad that you and your family got to know him in the short time that you did.

Lynn said...

When I started reading this precious story I thought of all the "Mr. Holley's" I have had in my life. They are an important part of the church and make a HUGE impact very humbly. Every church has one or should. My daddy is the one here. It is an unassigned duty that blesses everyone, don't you think? My prayers are with his family.....He will be missed.

Lynn said...

Hey, are you close to Weatherford? Do you have my email?

Tip Junkie said...

Oh, that is so sad. I'm so sorry to hear about his passing. I'm glad you were able to get to know him a little and were touched by his example.

silken said...

I want to add my sympathies as well...and glad you were able to know him for a short while.

When mine were little, Mr. Jack really helped me out at church...He was so good to the kids (and me); better than the old ladies who told me that their kids never __________. But Mr. Jack just said he didn't know any better place for that baby to be screaming than in church (and he'd give big brother a dollar after every service if he was quiet and a good help!)