Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Have you ever seen such adorable boys...ok, I'm sure your kids are cute too!

As soon as we woke up we had to put on our pumpkin shirts and start the Halloween festivities with iced pumpkin donuts. Whoopee sugar high!!! Then it was on to the Library to read books about Halloween and trick or treat around the building.

After watching every Halloween cartoon and special we could find on TV during the day it was off to our "country loop" hayride. We are so blessed to have a "neighborhood" (of about 15 homes) where we know everyone and we all feel safe. We all ate Pizza then it was time to load up on REAL HAY and have a REAL HAYRIDE around the loop!

Here are those two adorable boys again...oh, I mean two adorable dinosaurs!!! Yes, Little Bit was a T-REX and the K-Man a Triceratops. Could you imagine the K-Man being anything else? Me neither! AND Little Bit can growl with the best of them!

There were a TON of kids with such fun costumes. "LOAD 'em UP!"

Here is a SMALL glimpse of the madness of children running to each house!!!

Yes, I know...what handsome guys! This is a picture of my adorable husband with his two favorite Dinosaurs!

Toward the end of the hayride our Triceratops ran around with the other kids. All of them had gotten the phrases "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" down pat.

Here is my adorable husband and Little T-Rex greeting the trick or treaters at our house. I must say the whole night was a blast...a bit chilly, but nothing a little candy couldn't fix!


BriteCloud said...

What fun! They are going to have wonderful memories of Halloween!

Kim said...

I'm jealous of a real hay hayride!!! What a fun memory and adorable dinosaurs! LOVE the costumes.

Heather said...

What fun! Is that party at your house? I bet K and Lil Man got WAY too much candy! HA I know we did. I think I might mail you some. HA They looked great in their costumes.

Miss you.

Shaka said...

looks like fun! it sounds like you guys have a great neighborhood!
the dinosaurs look great!

Deanna said...

Cute as always! The boys are even cute too! :P Hehe Hope you had a GREAT time..looks like you did! Miss you!

Daesha said...

What a wonderful Halloween experience for your two favorite dinos! Wonderful pics!!

i'm kelly said...

what great pictures! i love them all... i have to say, your boys are dang cute!

silken said...

great fun!

did you get the picts I emailed you?

we missed you coming to our house to trick or treat!

Megan said...

It looks like great fun. I love the dinosaur costumes. It looks like you moved to a fun area.