Monday, November 12, 2007

I have been thinking...

I have been thinking...

1. I feel so bad that I haven't had the chance to Tag anyone or follow up on the tags that I have been tagged- (Hee, Hee...did that sound funny to anyone else??) Shaka has been so fun to tag me both this award and "7 things about me", BUT have I held the rope...answered the call...been a good blogger friend...NOPE! Sorry girl! I have let the blogging world slide and it feels that a part of me has suffered. I love sharing with others about a whole lot of nothings and a whole lot of somethings. It's just plain fun! I also have missed making comments on blogs, I love to give advice and tell others how I relate-Ha!

2. I am feeling a bit on overload. Now that I work 2 days a week I feel that the other three days during the "work" week I am running around trying to get ALL the "at home" things done. I know I am not the only girl out there feeling this way!

3. I feel a huge house organization session building in my bones! I love to organize and when things aren't in "their place" (or don't have a place) I get busy! I think it helps declutter my mind to organize. It is kind of a release to get rid of things. AND I Love to TRASH things!!! Just ask my Mom, sister, or the flamingos...there are some great stories about me and waht ends up in the trash! When my house is cleaned and organized my days are so much smoother.

4.I did it, the other morning I bought the "Welcome to Walmart" lady a water (at 6:50 am before work-YUCK!). She was speechless. She just stood there for a couple of minutes..."thank you" was all she could get out. It felt wonderful! Then I started laughing to myself coffee might have been better that early in the morning!

Then when I went back in the other day she was there. It might have been my crazy mind, but I think she looked at me a bit longer...maybe wondering if I was "the girl". I just smiled and told her to have a good day as I giggled to myself!

5. I'm going to miss watching the Next Iron Chef. I watch VERY LITTLE TV! Who has the time!?! It has been so fun to watch it on The Food Network with My adorable husband and the K-Man. Yes...I said the K-Man. Last night he was sitting with me and started jumping up and down, "I wonder who will win! I'm so excited!" I have brain washed my child with cooking shows...could be worse! Any-Whoo, Micheal Symon won, much to our families joy!

6. Does laundry just drive you crazy??

7. I'm seriously so tired of my kids having runny noses and coughs! I am taking little bit to the Dr. today for his 1 year check up ( a bit late...I know! I know!). I have been in and out of there so much for various reasons I'm almost embarrassed! But really...why should I, I am helping him pay for his Christmas gifts!

8. Speaking of Christmas. I'm trying to totally enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest, but with all the Christmas Trees and holiday decorations everywhere it is making it hard! It's Halloween...(My birthday)...Thanksgiving...then Christmas!! Plus our family needs the extra time to think through how in the world we will ever see everyone over Christmas!!!!

9. I have been getting up at the crack of dawn to try to get somethings bible study, blogging, shower, has been working at least the last couple of days!

I told you I have been thinking. I'm sure you are asking yourself..."How does this girl sleep at night."


Megan said...

I know how things can get hecktic. Just hang in there. Life seems to get especially crazy this time of year.

Heather said...

I have been missing you these last few days. I thought maybe your computer was down! HA HA! I love your post...I love your brain....hee hee!

I need you to come to my house and declutter! PLEASE! :)

maria said...

I love hearing about all the things going on in your life. Also, loved how you bought the wal-mart lady some water without her expecting it--you are definitely unexpected! :) Its good to see that some of your thoughts and mine are so similar--my how motherhood brings us all together. Love you girl!

BriteCloud said...

I know what you mean about the time thing. I should be in the shower RIGHT NOW getting ready for work, instead I'm sitting at the computer, drinking coffee and catching up on everyone's blog.

Hope the Holidays are smooth sailing for you guys.

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

You are reading my mind Girl! As I write this, my house is a mess, bills are staring at me, my kids are napping - that's a blessing!, there's wet laundry in the washer (at least it's half way done! although there's a good chance it'll sit there long enough that it gets stinky smelling and I have to run it through again!), my nails look like something chewed up and spit out, and....oh...I'd love to have some extra time to be at one with my sewing machine! But I love to read your blog and know that us moms are all in this together! hope to see you soon!

Lynn said... does this girl sleep? But we LOVE YA!