Monday, December 3, 2007

Let the Baking Begin!!

Let the Baking Begin!!!! I had to make sure the stores didn't run out of butter. This will probably last me two weeks!

It is no secret that I love to bake. Christmas is a time where I can bake until I drop. I usually start the first of the month and by Christmas we are fully stocked with goodies for EVERYONE!!!!

Before the baking begins I have to make the traditional drink of Half Sprit and Half Cranberry juice to quinch my thirst while in the hot kitchen! My sister-in-law introduced this drink to me my first Christmas in the family and I have shared it with those around me!! It is really good for those warm Texas winters!

I am so lucky that the K-Man likes to get in the kitchen with me and bake...well, lick the spoons and spatulas! He also loves the cool Christmas drink he gets when he helps.

Every year we always have the basics which includes "Puppy Chow". The K-Man got a kick out of the name this year! He also got a kick out of the mess it makes-HA!

This was a new recipe called "snow balls". It was a winner and now has been placed in the "Lacie's repritror of Christmas Goodies". Anything with Cream Cheese is usually approved by the boys!

Start your "oven engines"! This is only the first day in the kitchen.

This is one of my favorite Christmas recipes for a snack mix. It is "healthier" and K-man will eat all of it while Little Bit can have the Chex in it! It has cranberries, cocunt, almonds, pecans, 4 kinds of Chex...And other good stuff!

My adorable husband loves this time of year and has his own list of must haves. More cooking to come! What are some of your family favorites?


Whitney said...

I want to come over and get a snack from your kitchen! Everything looks wonderful! I love to bake too... maybe because I love to EAT!

Holly said...

Ooohh...Puppy Chow! Woof.

Your new Chex Mix creations look divine too.

Megan said...

Everything looks delicious. I just want to eat all of it. It looks like you are off to having a great holiday season!

maria said...

Wow! Can I come over to your house for some goodies?! Everything looks so yummy--you are such a talented cook! I'm sure Trey and the boys appreciate all your Christmas baking!

BriteCloud said...

Yum, yum and yum! Will you share the new Chex recipe? It looks wonderful. You must be such a fun Mom!!

Tip Junkie said...

Yummy!!! That's such a great picture of you and K-man. Totally frame worthy!

Daesha said...

So, can I talk you out of recepies for these wonderful culinary creations? Some of us who don't cook so much could use some help from you who make it look so EASY!