Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Angels

We have always wanted our children to understand the "Full" meaning of Christmas...not just about the toys. We want our boys to understand that life for everyone is not the same. Some have a lot of money some have little...Some are healthy and some or sick...Some have families and some don't. One way we have tried to help the K-Man understand this is through angel trees. This year we picked to little boys our boys ages...AND to K-man's joy, one liked DINOSAURS!!!

This has been the first year that I feel the K-Man kind of "got it". We loaded up and spent much of the morning shopping for "the angel boys". K-man was very picky about picking out "just right" gifts. Once he had his mind made up about what he wanted to give them...we were on a mission. He understood one was his age and one was Little Bit's age- I really think it made the whole idea sink in a little bit more. We also talked a lot about why we needed to buy clothes and jackets along with the toys. It was truly a blessed day for all of us. The gifts will be delivered tomorrow and I know at least 4 lives (my family) have been touched by these two special little "angel boys".


Whitney said...

Isn't the angel tree great? We've done it in the past, but your post reminded me that I need to go out and do it again this year! What a wonderful thing to teach your little boys :)

Tip Junkie said...

What a wonderful thing to do with your kids!