Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Angel

Tonight was the Christmas "get your camera because the cutest first born child is singing his heart out in an angel costume"...Play. The K-Man was adorable so just hang with me as I do a Grandparent (and Proud Parent) photo shoot!

Here is the K-Man with his adorable angel costume. I need to remember this picture on the days when he's being a bit of a stinker!!!

Sing away you cute little thing! I have never heard Jingle Bells sound quite so...what's the word...LOUD, childlike, joyful, adorable, fun...

Now this just sums up the whole night! It's just plain tiring being such a cute little angel...I think it is time for some ice cream!

Oh, you ask if there were more children at the play? AND were there more then just angels? Hmmmm. Very Good questions.

I hope all your children also stole the show in their Christmas productions.

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BriteCloud said...

That is so cute! I love the boys being dressed the same as the girls.

Cute, Cute!!