Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Pink Flamingo Christmas

How far will you travel for a, oh about 5 hours!

Thursday morning I left my "special place" out in the country and headed for H-Town for the annual Pink Christmas with the flamingos. I dressed in my PINK BLING and loaded my car up with PINK...PINK...and MORE PINK. Then I was off...

To say the least we had loads of fun... Can you tell???

We are PINK Inside and Out AND Head to Toe. Notice the flamingo socks??

We usually eat, talk, laugh, drink (coffee and our flamingo drink), exchange gifts (this years theme was BLING!), make a pink craft (one year was flip flops, another was a recipe book we add to ever year, and this year was a coozie), eat, laugh, talk, know girly stuff!

Then it was back in the car Friday morning to the land of horses, trees, cowboy boots, trucks, AND my adorable husband and boys who missed me tons!

Thanks girls for a wonderfully PINK Christmas!


maria said...

what a fun was so great to see you again! (Don't you love my pinky picture--HA!) Anyway, can't wait to get together again!
Love ya!

Heather said...

I am still smiling! I am so glad you made the trip...I miss you already!
Love ya!

Whitney said...

How fun! You are so blessed to have such a special group of friends!

BriteCloud said...

What fun! You girls just have too much fun.

Rochelleht said...

Oh you girls are TOO cute! We have our Wolverine party this weekend. My girlfriend flew in today for it. So, you're not crazy at all. I'm sooooo excited!