Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Original Snow Villiage

The Department 56 Original Snow Village is a big deal for us at Christmas time. We received our first piece as a wedding gift (A Wedding Chapel) and over the 7 years (almost 8 years now) we have been married we have added to the collection for various special occasions. For example... Graduation from Grad School (the Bank), the birth of Little Bit (the Baby Store), My 30th Birthday (The Beauty Salon). I have also gotten some very special ones from family...Starbucks (my Parents-the 2nd piece), the Holiday House (my Grandparents Farris-a family favorite), The Crosby House (My Parents In-Law), the Big League Sports Store (the Stewarts-friends from college)...the list could go on! Many of these are now retired which makes them even more special. I have a total of 17 last we counted. Wow! We have them all over the place a Christmas time! I just love them...and the memories each one brings to mind. They also have an extra special meaning to my adorable husband who always remembers his Nanaw having a village up at Christmas time.

I wouldn't mind living in that snow village...looks festive. I love the detail of each piece.

You can't have a SNOW village without a coffee shop...and why not Starbucks?

This is the Holiday House it is a light EXTRAVAGANZA!!! The boys love this one! (The picture does Not do it justice!)

I love the Garage Sale it is truly one of a kind!

Thanks for letting me share something special to our family with you!


rlkllk said...

I Love your snow village. Looks really great! Makes me want to start to collect something. Who knows one day I shall collect something besides purses.

Whitney said...

Okay, you're snow village looks fantastic! I'm so impressed! I own the Dept 56 Christmas In The City village! Same sort of thing- I've collected pieces over the years related to special events going on in our lives that year! I haven't put mine up in a few years b/c it's so much work! But now you've motivated me!

Rochelleht said...

Oh, I love that!! It's so cute and festive AND I love that each piece has meaning and memories. That's so great!!

Megan said...

I love Department 56. This is one collection that I have not started but definately plan to. I love it. I went to a store a couple of months ago and they had all the different towns set up. I loved the 1950s one. Yours is gorgeous!