Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,
My boys have been very good this year! I know the oldest is learning the difference between lying and teasing AND the youngest is learning NOT to bite, but they are just little kids that in reality have only been on this earth a very short time. They are also learning how to share with each other and I know it will work out eventually so, could you please just excuse that right now too. The K-Man can't wait to give you cookies and milk. The other day he told both me and my adorable husband we couldn't have any milk,"because we have to have enough for Santa!" He has also asked everyday (for a VERY LONG time), "is Christmas Day today?" I know Little Bit has cried the two time we have come to see you, but I have been told that it's just a phase. However, at home he loves to listen to books about you and the elves..really he does! I just wanted to send you this letter to let you know my boys are still working on things, but they are wonderful and we have all been blessed by them this year!

Forever Flamingo

Here are the letters from my boys to Santa.

The K-Man working hard writing his name.

He was so proud of his letter. He wanted to write another, but I told him Santa only had time to read one from each child.

All he wants from Santa is a BIG Dinosaur. We have tried to get him to name other things...but nope...just a DINO! Anyone surprised?

Little Bit wants to write a letter too!

Little Bit couldn't really ask for anything himself, but he loves cars, balls, and books...So, Santa is just going to have to go with it!

The letters are on their way to the North Pole as I type (I hope I put on enough postage)! I think Santa is going to have fun this Christmas--nothing too challenging.

What do your kids want for Christmas? Any challenges?


Tip Junkie said...

You have an award waiting for you over on my site. Congrats!

rlkllk said...

Ok act surprised Dinosaurs for Matthew and dress up shoes and clothes for Aubrey. I find it easier to shop for Aubrey than Matthew. Check your e-mail I sent the addresses you needed.

Michelle said...

Too cute! Love your kids letters. My oldest wants Heeleys really bad and my middle one wants a remote controll Spiderman. I couldn't believe it when I found one at Walmart. You give it a command and it performs the action. My youngest just likes balls, cars and pets.