Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SPT- Whats in a Name?

Ok, this is my first attempt to get in on the fun of SPT. If you would like to learn more, check it out Here .

Today's SPT was to share about the "name" of your blog ... To keep this post short my First Post describes a lot of where the name "forever flamingo" originated.

Basically, WE flamingos are a group of girls that have become the "Ya-Ya's"! Over the years (about 7 years now!)we have become the best of friends. We have been through A LOT!!! About 7 months ago (when I started this blog) we were moving from Houston to this very small little community about 6 hours away from my flamingos. Blogging was one way that I was going to let them know what I was up to while also getting to experience their day to day lives too. It has been fun. None of us have skipped a beat! I will always...FOREVER be a FLAMINGO!

Now when you are a flamingo...you have to love pink (or just have fun with the color)and you have to have flamingos all over your Laundry Room (Ok...that is the only place my adorable husband allows my obsession-Ha!).

How did you name your blog????


Jill said...

This is interesting, I didn't know you were connected with Holly, let alone a Ya, Ya with her. It's all making sense to me now.

Kim said...

Of course you will be forever a flamingo!!! I few miles cannot break this bond!!! Seeing you holding our photo made me well up. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Holly said...

Sniff!! Love your first SPT post--isn't it fun??


lelly said...

oh my, it's a flamingo infiltration! you girls are adorable.

welcome to spt - i hope you will be around for a lot more of them!

Whitney said...

Too cute! I think it's great that you're house (well, your laundry room) is decorated with all of your pink flamingo stuff- I'm sure it brings a smile to your face every time you go in there!

Are yall still wanting to get together sometime for dinner? Email me and let me know when might be a good time for yall!


Liz said...

Ok, so I haven't managed to do my SPT, but my word for 2008 is posted!