Monday, January 21, 2008

8 Years and Counting!

Yes, tomorrow is the BIG 8 year mark!!!! If you would like to know a bit more about our beginnings look Here . To honor our 8 year Anniversary I have come up with eight interesting facts that we have come to grips with to make this wonderful marriage work.

1. I understand the meaning of "Hunter's Widow" and I understand the fact that my husband is consumed by the outdoors from Oct. through Jan.

2. My adorable husband understands my need to "get OUT of the house!"

3. My adorable husband is a night owl and I' m a MAJOR morning person...AND we are good with that!

4. My adorable husband HATES tomatoes and most beans...Bummer! I have learned to adapt many recipes.

5. I do the small talk (or big talk-Ha!) in groups and my husband responds when he needs to.

6. I worry and think out adorable husband NOT SO MUCH!

7. I never know what is going on outside our home (you know...the "real world"), but my adorable husband tells me what I NEED to know. (this really used to bother him...)

8. We understand that we both have a lot more to learn about each other...but we have a lifetime to figure it out!

Happy Anniversary BABE!


Kim said...

Happy Anniversary to a very sweet couple! You make the perfect pair and are making a beautiful Christian home. Here's to MANY more anniversaries together!

Heather said...

Oh, Happy Anniversay! your card will be a little late! :) thinking of you both on your special day! love ya!

BriteCloud said...

Happy anniversary! He's probably worth the trade-off for tomatoes and beans. LOL Hope you have a special celebration!

Holly said...

Happy Happy Anniversary to an outstanding couple!! 8 is GREAT!! (hahahaha)

This was a perfect description of the BALANCE in your relationship.

Whitney said...

Happy Anniversary! We are almost to 9 years- and it just keeps on getting better, doesn't it?

silken said...

happy anniversary! wish we could have baby sat for you!

silken said...

hope you enjoy the Little House series! :)

Lynn said...

Wow .... it sounds like you got it all figured out in 8 years. I am still working on some of those! HA. Congrats.....