Friday, February 22, 2008

The Girl of Good Intentions!

Yes, that's me...The Girl of Good Intentions! I have been overwhelmed lately by the "what I want to dos"- Here are a few:

I want to:
1. Cook and have good healthy meals for my family daily
2. Read for enjoyment
3. Come up with a plan to organize my notes taken during class at church
4. Study...not just read the Bible
5. Work on something crafty at least once a week
6. Read up on the History of Savannah (for the trip next week!)
7. Work out (somehow...somewhere!)
8. Spend time with my adorable hubby
9. Spend time with the boys- not just yelling at them-Ha!
10. Nurture friendships

Seriously, the list could go on and on!! I just feel overwhelmed by emotions and desires that I am a bit paralyzed. I know I need to take small steps to get these things accomplished or started. I have been thinking of some of my sweet friends that are "girls of action"...Sometimes I feel consumed by the needs and wants of those around me that when it comes to my needs or wants I am too tired or too overwhelmed to focus and be a "girl of action". I am hoping typing this well spur me on to action!

Do you ever feel paralyzed by all the wants you want to do? What spurs you to action?


Megan said...

I can totally relate to this post. I feel like I never have time to do all the things I want to do. I do feel paralyzed by things. I am really big at creating lists. I have tried to remember to be patient with myself.

i'm kelly said...

ha! do i ever feel paralyzed by all the want i want to do? only daily! but lately i've been working hard & really trying hard to work at making a list and checking it twice.

Kim said...

I read somewhere to pick 5 things a day to accomplish. Don't put more than 5 on your list. Then you'll pick the really most important things and probably really get them done. But you know me..the list is usually more than 5. But I also enforce my bedtime rule and an hour before bedtime is time just for Jason and I. And about being paralyzed...a LOUD "Amen sister!!!" But this weekend, we will get to relax and dip our toes in the Atlantic and solve all the problems of the world! LOVE YA!!!

Whitney said...

I feel like I always have 100 things on my "To Do" list, and never enough time in the day. And it's SO hard to figure out which ones need to be a priority! So I completely understand what you're talking about!

maria said...

Lately, you have posted on your blogs all of the things I am currently thinking at the moment! I was just telling my dear hubby today, how I would like one, day, to actual detail clean my house, iron clothes, go grocery shopping, blog, etc., without being interrupted and get all of these things done in a timely manner! I know, with kids not so possible all the time, but oh, how I wish I could have time to get more of the things i need to get done, so I can do some things I want to do!