Monday, February 18, 2008

Middle Ground

I just got back from watching "Fools Gold" with some girlfriends of mine. The one overwhelming feeling when the movie was over was what a dull life I live. Now, just hear me out! I totally know that I am blessed...blessed so much it's ridiculous. However, I sit back and wonder if there is a part of me that is screaming for adventure. For something outside of the ordinary...

One of my all time favorite reads and movie is "The Magic of Ordinary Days". It's about a young woman who had dreams of becoming a archeologist and traveling the world, but a turn of events leads her to a small farm leading a "small" life. Over the course of time she finds the magic of her ordinary days and understands that there is adventure and love in everyday life.

So, as I drove home thinking (as I often do too much of)contemplating the adventure and romance of "Fools Gold" and the discovery and peace of "The Magic of Ordinary Days", I came to a conclusion that there just has to be a middle ground. A place where you grant yourself the adventures of a life time while understanding the thrill of the everyday. I want to find that ground.

On another thought...I watched "Sleepless in Seattle" the other night (a V2alentine gift from the Guys in my life). While watching the special features one of the producers stated that movies allow YOU to "fall in love" again along with the characters. You get the chance to have those emotions fresh like the first time YOU first fell in love... I guess that's one of the wonderful things about movies and books. YOU get to have those special emotions and adventures over and over again. Tonight, I was able to go on an exciting treasure hunt and find what "I" have spent "my" life risking everything for AND not even get wet once!

Any thoughts?


Holly said...

I think that is why I enjoy reading so much, along with movies--to escape the blessed monotony of my life.

Glad you had a good time!

Lynn said...

WOW....that is a deep question. I have always craved the adventure too but honestly....I bet if I had it I would crave the monotony. As humans, I guess we are never satisfied and that makes it even worse since we are women!

Rochelleht said...

Oooh, I'll definitely have to check out that book. I'm always looking for good reads.

maria said...

you have thought many of the same things that I have from time to time. I think its true that we fail to see the 'magic' in our everyday life. Sometimes, I look at my sister and think its so wonderful that she's free to pursue her dreams, travel, be spontaneous etc. However; at the same time, she is envying me for the family life she has always wanted. I think sometimes we fail to see what's right in front of us, when we're so busy looking at what someone else has. We are truly lucky to love and be loved by our wonderful families. 'To everything there is a season... and we need to find the joy in our season! I loved your post... :)

Heather said...

WOW! Nicely said Maria! I am blessed by your post, Lacie and your comment Maria! You girls are way deep thinkers....thats why I love you so much! HA!

Miss you Lacie...see you soon!