Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Less then 24 hours!!!!

In less then 24 hours (at around 4:30ish AM my time tomorrow)I will be driving to the airport to start my girl adventure to Savannah Georgia! So, what does that mean for today...a VERY LONG LIST!!! It is around 11:30 AM and I am working like a mad woman trying to get the items on the list crossed off, however the more I cross off the more things seem to get added to the list!

1.Catch up on Laundry so the boys have soemthing to wear over the weekend
2.Tell my husband thank you a million times for taking time off from work and watching the boys so I can play!
3.Print out boarding passes
4.Print out maps for EVERYTHING
6.Get rental car info
7.Scream on the phone with my girlfriends that are going!
8.Get food ready for the boys over the weekend
...and the list continues

BUT...I will get the list finished somehow today (maybe by 4:00AM tomorrow-Ha!) and I will leave my home on Savannah...

To the "real" Savannah, Georgia! Woo Hoo! I know it will be even prettier in real life! I am so excited!! Watch out we come!!

We have a list of things we want to try to do:

Eat at Paula Deen's, "The Lady and Sons" restaurant
Put our feet in the Atlantic Ocean
Go to South Carolina- just to say we went to two states
Go on a ghost tour
Go on a "bus" tour of Savannah
Shop at the home town shops
Experience the history of Savannah through walking our legs off

AND I know there are many other things we will fit on our adventure and I know I will share them on our return!

I love to send postcards... sooo if you give me your address via e-mail I will send you an authentic Savannah, Georgia postcard! I will check my e-mail for the last time around 11pm my time-I have to get some sleep for my big adventure!


silken said...

hey, I went to Savannah just last night....on a virtual tour during spinning class!

Holly said...

Tick-tock...the countdown is on!! I can't wait!

Kim said...

LOVE the list clipboard! I am know the feeling...the list never ends! Off to put the last few things in to my suitcase... see you in less than 12 hours!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney said...

Have a safe trip & a wonderful time with your sweet girlfriends!

Rochelleht said...

Oh, how fun!!!! You guys are going to have a blast. I just LOVE girl trips!!!

Lynn said...


i'm kelly said...

have fun! i can't wait to hear. & thanks to everyone's encouragement i just bought my first paula deen cook book, i'm so jealous you'll be eating at her place!