Monday, March 3, 2008

Still Winter Here!

The last couple of weeks have been beautiful! Sunshine with 70ish degree weather. We just knew that Spring was in the air. We had started to plan what we needed to do next to get the veggie garden planted AND SUPRISE...

we got SNOW tonight! (AND the high was only about 35 degrees!) WHAT in the WORLD!?! I guess I really shouldn't be too surprised, we DID have snow on Easter (in April) last year! I guess it isn't Spring until the snow stops falling!

The K-Man was running around outside like a mad man (what else is new?-Ha!) We had to explain more than once that just because it is snowing doesn't mean Santa is coming tonight!

It was COLD out there! I stayed on the porch while my adorable husband got out there to pose with the boys for a picture! What a Man!

My adorable husband held Little Bit as long as he possibly could- The little guy wanted down to play like his big brother - trying to eat and catch the flurries!

Here are the boys looking outside at the beautiful snow thinking that their parents are so mean making them come in for baths! Bummer~

Little Bit put up a battle trying to get us to let him go back outside- Poor guy! It's just too cold out there little man!

Is it still snowing in your neck of the woods?
Do you know what snow looks like?


silken said...

brrr! it was too cold for us here, we like the 70 weather! glad we did not see any snow though!!

funny about B trying to get back outside!! :)

maria said...

Poor little guy--kinda reminds me of Layton when I bring him in from outside--I guess we're mean mommas! :) It is kinda funny to think that its snowing elsewhere. Of course, where my dad is and where I used to live its snowing--the first couple of months of the year are always winter months. I guess I forget about the seasons living here in Houston. I miss the snow, but I don't miss driving in it! BTW, missed you guys this past weekend. Hope you had a wonderful time--I'm sure you did :) Can't wait to hear about everything!