Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Savannah through the FEET of ME!"

Any time you see these flamingo feet at the beginning of a post, you will know that I am sharing another "Savannah through the Feet of ME!" My feet had a blast walking, waiting, strolling, and sometimes running through the streets of Savannah, Georgia. As I share, "Savannah through the Feet of Me!" I will try to include a bit of history or neat facts that I learned along the way.

If you stroll down the sidewalk at Jones Street and Whitaker Street you will find my FAVORITE Savannah experience by far...
The Wilkes House! In 1943 The Wilkes House was a boardinghouse run by Sema Wilkes. Her goal was to provide a modest living offering southern homestyle cooking served in a family style. Though boardinghouses were on the decline, Mrs. Wilkes continued to thrive as a boardinghouse-style restaurant. In the 1970's lines had started forming out front before mealtime.

AND the lines continue to form outside along the sidewalk waiting for a meal that it served Monday-Friday from only 11am-2pm. Here the four of us wait patiently in line for an hour.

Here is the line that forms daily waiting for the food and the atmosphere that many people and stars have also indulged in...including Kevin Spacey and Charlize Theron (I bet they didn't have to wait in line!)

As my feet entered the small house the smells were overwhelming. I was thrilled (along with my stomach) to actually be inside.

As you walked in there are a total of 7 tables (in two rooms) that seat 10 people. The table is already set with 13 bowls of vegetables and three serving dishes of meats. Oh...and SWEET TEA! Here are some of the people we had lunch with. They were from New York City and Michigan. A blessing is said for the food that will be served that day at the first meal (at 11am). This blessing was often said by the late Mrs. Wilkes.

It was overwhelming with all the food on the table. I went out of my way to try it all as my plate shows! There were butterbeans, sweet creamed corn, stewed okra and tomatoes, collard greens, mashed sweet potatoes with raisins, rutabagas,squash, black-eyed peas ...fried chicken, barbecue pork, stew...Baskets full of the flakiest cornbread I have ever eaten--Yummy!

HOWEVER...As you can see I had NO problem cleaning my plate!

After you have cleaned your plate and eaten as much as you can you are asked to carry your plate to the kitchen were the kitchen staff says thank you and continues with their daily tasks. The atmosphere is amazing and nothing I can put into words! It is so personal in a world that often praises the impersonal.

Walking around in pink boas and taking pictures of our feet we often brought attention to ourselves. We were honored to meet Marcia, Mrs. Wilkes grandaughter. The Wilkes House continues though four generations of Wilkes. As we left Marica expressed that her grandmother would have loved to have met us.

I could not leave without giving into my obsession with cookbooks! I love the cookbook and I am looking forward to making Mrs. Wilkes sweet potatoes!

This is "Savannah through the Feet of Me!"

Do you know of any restaurants that are "the best known secret"? or Restaurants only the locals know about?


silken said...

sounds like a lovely trip! I would have loved to have eaten at the Wilke's House, looks yummy! though I'd have to go minus the pink boas.... :)

Whitney said...

I'm glad you girls had such a wonderful trip! And what wonderful husbands you all have- to stay at home with the kiddos for 4 days! :)

maria said...

I love hearing about all of your Savannah experiences. What a neat place. I'll definitely have to go sometime and eat at the Wilkes House. sounds yummy!!

BriteCloud said...

That sounds so good! I love the before and after plate pictures. LOL!

What a treat.

Deanna said...

Glad you guys had so much fun!!! I wish I'd have gotten to see you. Hopefully soon... Love ya!

Kim said...

Love the pics and your WIlkes version! I wish we were there again tomorrow. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

Holly said...

I want to go back to Mrs. Wilkes badly!! My mouth is watering just remembering.

I love your pictures and story--esp. the history tidbits. :)

silken said...

hope you girls don't mind: I just linked to your savannah posts from my travel blog


Laurie said...

How fun! I'm so glad that you have such an amazing group of friends. What an awesome trip!