Friday, March 7, 2008


I have casually hinted to my adorable husband on several occasions that when he is out at a claim during the day, it seems our day at home goes smoother. Ok...before you think that I don't enjoy the conveniences of my AH working from home-I do love it...BUT the kids get so confused about Daddy working when he comes in and out (of the "office") playing a bit here, eating lunch there...and so on! Not to mention I feel crazy trying to keep the boys quiet when he is on the phone or knocking the door down, crying to play with him!!! SO, today my adorable husband has found a place to work during the day. I am thrilled.

1. When he gets home it will be clear he is finished with work for the day
2. He will get more done during the day and can actually be done with work earlier (he will not be distracted by things that need to be done at home)
3. On the days I work (T/TH) and he is with the boys he will be less anxious about his work -because he will have gotten more done on the other days
4. Because we live a bit out in the boonies (Ha!), he will be able to pick up things (i.e. milk and diapers) on his way home!!!
5. *****The most important...I can do or not do what I want and not feel guilty for not being a good wife/mother! Ok, my adorable husband always tells me how wonderful I am (good man!), but you know you still are always kinda trying to show that you ARE a good mother/wife! SO, no pressure on the days he is out of the home.

Do you know what I mean when I say the routine goes to pot?

Does your husband work out of the home?- How do you make it work?

More pictures from our snow day yesterday!

K-Man making a snow angel.

Larry, Our friendly snow man!


kristi said...

thanks for your kind comment

Holly said...

I'm on your wave length girl--totally get it. Inquiring minds want to know though, where did AH go? Will this be a weekly routine? Sounds like a pretty good gig.

The other day S. felt ache-y so he came home for a nap. Yes, he did. He felt better after that and went back to work, but I thought it was hilarious and a bit groove bustin' at the same time.

Heather said...

Don't even get me started about groove bustin' LOL! Just joking! You know my schedule...or lack there of. But, we love our hubbys!

I love the snow pics...Little Bit looks cold! Ha! And Larry is too cute.

Did you get my message?

Megan said...

I could never have my husband work at home. I already call him a couple times a day at the office. If he was at home who knows how many times I would say.. I just have one more question!

Whitney said...

Shane works out of our home, and I LOVE it! I'm sure he gets a little annoyed when the house is a bit loud sometimes, but we have french doors with glass that he can shut if it comes to that point! I enjoy the flexibility of it all- esp once the baby is born!

i'm kelly said...

oh i totally hear ya! my hubby works from home, and as much as i love it, some times it can definitely be difficult. let's just say i don't get nearly as much done when he is home as when he is gone.

maria said...

Jason has always worked out of the house, but I can definitely see the good and bad of both sides. Sometimes, I would love to have him at home so its easier for me to run an errand, go to a doctor's appt, etc. without some major planning going on. However, I can see how it would be hard for the kids to not understand when it would be time to play with daddy and when not too. I guess you can never really understand the pros/cons of one side until you have to live with it!