Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Mail with a Twist

My family is AGAIN another recipient of a Random Act of Kindness!
The first RAK is posted about Here .

While I was in Savannah, Georgia I sent several postcards including one to "my boys". I told them how much I love them and missed them along with that I couldn't wait to here what they had been up to with their Daddy... Well, yesterday we got a PINK envelope in the mail with THE postcard in it!!! As the story goes...After the K-man had gotten the postcard in the mail he had carried it around all over. Well, somewhere along the way he had dropped it and The Williamsons had mailed it back to him!!! Too KIND! We have planned to have the K-Man draw them a picture and thank them for their kindness. Doesn't that story just make you smile!

Also in the mail were these ADORABLE personalized note cards form Holly . Oh my, Holly, I jumped up and down for a while after opening my good mail! Thank you Holly!
The K-man was also jumping up and down when he received good mail from Holly's sweet little joy- Annelise! Thank you Annelise!

Could the mailbox have been anymore exciting then it was today!

Is you mailbox exciting for you to?


BriteCloud said...

That is an exciting mail day! Love the note cards. And that is too funny about the postcard. I'll bet he was jumping up and down about getting it back.

When Chloe was 2-5 I bought LOTS of her clothes on Ebay. Somedays it was embarrassing to carry the mail from the box down the street to the house. It would be piled high with my winnings. It was really fun, though.

Enjoy that good mail!

Rochelleht said...

That is so sweet, because that's a lot of work sending something in the mail. I know how pathetic that sounds, but seriously. We all know how bad it can be to get that package off the counter and out the door.

Holly said...

How sweet that they mailed the postcard back to him--he got to open it twice!!


Whitney said...

Very cute personalized notecards- any idea where your friend got them?