Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gotta Play the Grocery Game!

I took the opportunity and followed Kelly's advice to check out the Grocery Game Here . It was well worth it!!!! I am SO not a coupon girl, but I like the idea of NOT shopping at (CRAZY, NOT FRIENDLY, DIRTY, Have to load your own groceries with crying kids, AND no offer to help out!) Walmart, AND of course saving a buck!

Here is my low down...I only bought things this week that I wanted to stock up on now to save in the long run:

General Mills Cereal- Normally 3.39; Today for me .47
52 Load 2X Tide- Normally 16.19; Today for me 8.99
Folgers Coffee- Normally 10.59; Today for me 4.99
(270 cups)
Natural Valley Bars- Normally 3.19; Today for me 1.31

Can we say WHOOP! I stocked up on these items at these prices (As you can see in the picture-Ha!) so my future grocery trips will be MUCH cheaper! The coffee will last us a year or so and the Tide will lasts MONTHS!! Total Saving today....59.87!!! I saved as much as I spent (on items that we REALLY use)!

What are your strategies for saving grocery money?
Have you tried this game?


silken said...

interesting. I will look into.

in the meantime:

I just made a post dedicated to you and kim and holly

Deanna said...

I am a grocery gamer too! :) Love it!

Laurie said...

Yeah! You rocked it girl! I've used it before and really liked it.

Whitney said...

Okay, that is REALLY impressive! That and that fact that you consume that much coffee.... :)

Holly said...

So what time is coffe being served? That is MY kind of coffee stash!

I have not tried the Grocery Game--yet. Certainly sounds worthwhile.

Kim said...

WOWZERS! I'm so impressed..with the purchase and the fact that you took a picture! I've been trying to stay out of WM too, but R's diapers are only sold there - stinky diaper rash! But a WHOLE heartedly agree with all you WM adjectives! THanks for passing on the gamer site. I think I remember DEanna talking about it. I need to get better!

Rochelleht said...

WOW! I'm going to have to check that out sometime.


Megan said...

I also took Kelly's advice this week and started the Grocery Game and my experience was very similar. I saved a buddle and got a ton more food. It was amazing.