Friday, March 14, 2008

Did you know?

1. Did you know that I love Half Price Books! It is like being a kid in a candy store when I walk in! I live about 45 minutes away from one and while my Mom was visiting we went (without the boys) and lost ourselves in the shelves of books and music. I actually was able to purchase some Dino books for K-man's B-day and the You've Got Mail soundtrack that I misplaced about a year ago!

2.Did you know that I love Frank Sinatra, Nora Jones, and Micheal Buble'. My adorable husband has been organizing our music lately and has a done a fab job getting my favorites where I can listen to them at a push of a button.

3. Did you know the K-Man is strong. In the words of K-Man himself: "Look how strong I am! I eat potatoes!"

4. Did you know that one of my new (baby step) goals for myself is to change my thought of "cleaning the house" to "making the house sanitary for my family". I have noticed that I change the sheets, mop the floor, clean the tubs/toilets, and do laundry more consistently when my focus is keeping the house sanitary helping my boys to be more healthy and strong VS. just a "clean/good for company look". The change of phrase has really helped me to focus.

5. Did you know that my boys love good mail too! Thank you Gramie and Poppa for the coloring books and Aggie Build-A-Bear shirts. The shirts have been place on Max and Buster! Thank you Ashlyn and Layton for the Fun Neon Glow Glasses! Hours of Night FUN!

6. Did you know that good mail is fun when it comes from your Auntie Lindsey and Uncle Corey! Thanks Lindsey for the eye shadow pencil too!

7. Did you know that we are taking Poppy for our first camping trip of the season. Yes, a 4 night stay in two different state parks! I am working on one of my 100 goals! I still remember our Maiden Voyage .

8. Did you know that in about 2 weeks we will be planting Gordon the garden! Veggies here we come!

9. Did you know that Little Bit is taking a nap and the K-Man is sleeping- WHOO HOO

10. Did you know... You fill in the blank!


Andrea said...

I love the idea to change "cleaning the house" to "keep it sanitary and healthy for the family." I have trouble with being consistent in that area and I am definitely going to try that. Thanks!

Holly said...

I get so giddy when I walk into Half Price Books--especially if I'm lucky enough to be by myself. It's great you found Sarah's Quilt there!

What fun good mail!! Checking the mail is such a treat.

Oh, I remembered how to do the pop-up email, if you want to switch yours. Add a link and type: mailto:followed by your email address. That should work.

Lots of fun adventures coming up with Poppy and Gordon!!

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

A book store of any kind without kiddos is an awesome escape!
I love your take on cleaning - maybe if I focus on a healthy home for my family too, it'll come easier - thanks for that!
Ooh - and I'm so glad you're putting in a garden! I've got plans to start one for the first time this year, keepin my fingers crossed!

Amanda L. said...

I love how you view cleaning/sanitizing the house. I will have to try this thinking.