Sunday, March 16, 2008


Shhhh! Tonight there is a bit of Leprechaun mischief going on!
The Little Leprechaun left the boys some Lucky Charms (their momma doesn't let them have sugared cereal in the mornings!) along with GREEN milk-yummy!! That is only for the morning...the stinker has also changed our water into Green Kool-aide (their momma REALLY doesn't let them drink Kool-aide!!!) and has made Green parfaits (with sugar-free jello...finally, some common sense here!) for after supper!
She also left a GREEN scavenger hunt which at the end the boys will find
(Hello...what else would a Leprechaun leave at the end of an adventure?)
With the Pot of Gold there are also other GREEN things to enjoy throughout the day.
This Little Leprechaun could get use to all this mischief!
What are you doing with the color green??
Do you know what my boys ride that is GREEN?


maria said...

The John Deere tractor of course! I love your leprechaun hat! :) BTW, I loved the green goodies I got in the mail. You've been busy! :)

Kim said...

A little leprechaun up north has been super busy! I love all teh green fun and treats for K and B. THey are two lucky little kids! Love the hat!

BriteCloud said...

You are so clever!!

This is what we are doing for St. Patrick's Day:

Me: "Hey, tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day."
Chloe: "Yeah, we better wear green."

And that concludes another exciting day at the Davis household.

Maybe I'll try to make something green like the Jell-O parfait thingy. Hope you guys have fun!!

Heather said...

How FUN!!! I want the pot of gold! That was a great idea~

Happy St. Pattys Day! Love ya

BriteCloud said...

Lacie, how were the St. Paddy's day treats received?

I thought of you today and realized it was evening time and I hadn't even given another thought to making any green treat for the kids. Oh well.

How did the boys like the pot'o gold??

Holly said...

Very fun! Our highlight was wearing green shirts, which A. didn't want to do at first because she had already put on a pink shirt. Maybe next year we'll celebrate a little more. These were really cute ideas and I bet the boys (and you too) had fun.

Lacie said...


We had a blast! Of everything...The boys LOVED the Lucky Charms the best! Surprise, Surprise!

silken said...

what a great idea!! clever and fun too!! I'm sure my kids would go for the lucky charms too! :)

Bren's Life said...

Man you are quite the mom! How fun & creative you are. I wish I would of done fun things like this. What do you do for other holidays?

Laurie said...

Very fun. That's my kind of "gold". yummy!

Deb said...

how fun for you and your family-lucky charms are always a favorite!

Andrea said...

what a fun and clever idea! i just might have to try that out with my kids.