Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Reflections

As I think over the week...

1. We have stayed up too late and let the kids stay up too late watching the Olympics- Go USA! We have loved watching Micheal Phelps swim his way into history. Along with all the wonderful stories and history being made in Volleyball and gymnastics. K-Man loves to cheer, "Go United States of America!"

The other night the K-Man and I stayed up way to late and were watching the girls gymnastics-The only way he could tell the difference between the teams was by the color of their uniforms...not their physical appearances. Oh, too see the world through the eyes of a child!

2. Organic food vs. Whole food vs. Shop Cheap- The more I have learned about our "American diet" the more frustrated I have become with how we have let ourselves become "large" and lazy (eat out and eat fast). There are so many smarter ways to eat and feed our children-with that is so expensive to eat "right"!!!! Seriously, I am overwhelmed by the change in our food bill with more veggies, fruits and healthier options for snacks!GRRRRRRR~

3. Can't we just skip the terrible two's...

4.I have finally taken my house as my own! I know is sounds crazy, but the first year here I was just trying to figure out who I was. However, I am still me (Ha!) and I am ready to move onto my house! I have painted a BOLD color in my dining room! If you want to see it you have to come visit! I have also painted the hallway and now it's off to the kitchen. The color has been decided and just needs to go on the wall! I love to decorate my house!

5. Texting...While I was driving home from South Texas a moron (ok, that wasn't nice, but true!) driving a motorcycle pulled out in front of me on the highway off a ramp then practically stopped! I pushed hard on the brakes and as I moved around him I looked over and he was TEXTING!!!!!!!! Get off the road you moron!

6. If feels good to be blogging again!


whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Lacie -
we are sleepy at our house too - I tried to stay up and watch gymnastics the other night, but fell asleep instead. I'm with you on the food issue - it is so frustrating. You want to feed your family the right things, but it isn't always easy.
Girl - I'm with you on the TWOS!!!
Please post pictures of your painting - I need inspiration.
With you on the texting - especially when your traveling with your kids, stupid drivers really piss me off.
Glad to have you back in the blogging world again!!!

momto4girls said...

Hi! I am glad your are back to blogging world, especially since I partially blame you for my blogging addiction! :) Ditto on the eating healthy! We have done better, but the real test will come when school starts and I feel rushed all the time, and when the season's fresh fruit and veggies are gone until next spring.
BTW- LOVE the pictures! I found a girl that does similar type photography here, but will hold off until Lilly is here.

Lynn said...

I am painting now too. I love to decorate but the painting???? It's hard work. Heather and Ash told me how gorgeous your new paint/decorating was. I guess I'll have to come see myself. I loved all your pics too. How will you choose?

Whitney said...

Texting while driving is bad enough... but a motorcycle? How is that even possible??