Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Review Part 1

Ok, while some of you wonderful bloggers stayed up on the events of your summer...I did not! I know... how could I get so behind on blogging??? Well, I had two options...1) just let it go OR 2) catch up and have the freeing feeling of documenting some of our family highlights of this summer. Number 2 won out so here is our July 4th highlight!

We finally went to Bushland and spent some needed family time with my adorable husband's sister and her family. Diane was a wonderful hostess and we had a blast. Here are my precious nieces with my boys.
We went to the small town parade that didn't feel small town once we got there! It was PACKED. The kids loved it. I think there were over 50 firetrucks and police cars in the parade. It made me hope there would be no emergencies that morning-Ha!
Fourth of July would not be complete with out a cook out...
AND homemade ice cream!
Oh, and if your from a "small town, country loving family" the Fourth of July would not be complete without lessons in roping! Watch out Poppa I think the K-man is getting the hang of it!
Now...Who does not love Sparklers?
My adorable husband and Jay put on a firework show that was memorable in more ways then one!
Thanks guys!

While in the area we visited the Palo Duro Canyon State Park and watched the play "Texas".
Smile you cuties!
"Texas" is a must see for all those proud Texans out there! The K-man was memorized through the whole thing. However, the ice cream during the intermission was also a highlight!

Have you seen Texas?


Kim said...

Glad to see the Texas play photos! Jason has always wanted to take me...He went as a little boy and LOVED it! So glad K has got bitten by the "I love Texas" bug! :) Heard about the new dining room color - we'll stop by next time we are up that way. I miss you lots!

silken said...

years ago...I really want to take the kids but the thought of the drive just for that is so daunting....