Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm a Soccer Mom!

I'm a Soccer Mom!
Thanks to the Sweet K-Man!
I didn't know how fun it would be to have a child in an organized (Ha!) sport!
soc·cer mom
(plural soc·cer moms) n mother occupied with children's leisure activities: a mother who devotes herself to her children's leisure activities, e.g. driving them to and from sports activities
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
To be honest, it has been a rough go for the last couple of weeks. K. has cried the first part of every practice to the point I didn't even take him to one because he was falling a part before we even loaded in the car! BUT after some bribery (a trip to the dollar store) we had a good practice yesterday and today... (with the help of a cool BLUE soccer uniform and complete with BLUE socks to match his BLUE and orange ball)

we had a great first game!

My adorable husband talked the K-man through what would happen during the game and where he needed to stand just so we wouldn't have a breakdown with tears when the whistle blew.

Notice Little Bit...he's ready to be out there with the big boys too!

The K-man started as goalie.
Yes, I actually got a picture of him capturing a ball while I was strongly encouraging loudly from the sidelines...Have I said that I am having a blast as a soccer mom?

Here is more coaching from my adorable husband.

This happened throughout the game...anyone surprised? After the game my adorable husband asked K. if he heard him yelling during the game- K. replied "yes!" I casually gave the K-Man a hug and told him..."This is only the beginning sweetie!"

Really, my adorable husband did wonderful, but I know the game probably wore him out more then the K-man!

Here is an action shot that I am very proud of.

Again, I got this picture while taking pictures with a camera, filming with a video camera, making encouraging comments, chasing Little Bit around...Have I said that I LOVE being a soccer mom? Can't wait until next game!

Go number 7!


faizal said...

i really interested bout this article.coz u encourage young people to play soccer espwcially for young people.

maria said...

i can't wait to see Layton (or Ashlyn) playing some soccer. I'm already doing duty as a 'dance' mom, is there any such thing as that?! and already loving it...

Lynn said...

I could get all misty on you and tell you to enjoy these days! I have some of the same kind of shots of Mitch that you showed. It seems like yesterday. HOWEVER, one thing I didn't like about soccer was he always seemed to have an 8AM game. But, as a mom who stayed in some type of bleachers from 1988 - 2000, I totally understand your excitement.

Holly said...

Love this! How appropriate that his team is all decked out in BLUE. I was unable to watch A.'s games this spring without busting out laughing at the cluster of small children running behind the ball--sometimes in the wrong direction. It's adorable. Scott took it a bit too seriously at times.

Good luck K-Man!!

Heather said...

Welcome to the world of organized sports....You will love every minute of it. I wish we could come to a game. I know the K-man is the star!! BTW, you are the coolest soccer mom...

I miss you terribly!

Rochelleht said...

How fun! Jane was really so bad. Even she admitted it. "I'm not very good at soccer, mom." I don't miss practice, but I do miss cheering from the sidelines. It somehow loses its savor, though, when it's your kid behind everyone else sort of doing anything she can to avoid actually having to touch the ball.

Laurie said...

Too cute. I just became a soccer mom this season too. hehe

Whitney said...

Love it- he looks like he's having a fun time (and it's obvious that you did too!) Congrats on your new soccer mom status!