Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blessings and Birthday

As I was singing Christmas songs at the top of my lungs on my way home from work yesterday,I started to reflect on my blessings. When I say blessings I mean the simple joys of my life...
Watching my boys play outside together.
Watching the K-Man be protective of his little brother and wanting to teach him.
Experiencing the "Great Outdoors".
Having a beautiful drive to and from work.
Having Shelby (our wonderful black lab) who is so protective of the boys.

Footed PJs.
A home FULL of laughter and energy.

Cool nights.
Reading books.

Meals with family.
Comfort foods.
... simple joys!

Now...on to my birthday!
While a work yesterday my adorable husband arranged a sweet surprise for me. About 9:30 am I was paged to the west side nurses' station (actually multiple times because I was working with someone on brushing their teeth!) and I walked into a group of nurses, aides, patients, and other therapists just staring at me! About that time I hear my adorable husband, the K-man and Little Bit singing Happy Birthday over the intercom while the other sang along! He had called in and they had put it over the nursing home. Oh, how I wished the whole experience could have been video taped, but the mental memory will just have to do!

I returned home to a homemade cake, a decorated house with pink streamers EVERYWHERE (the K-man worked on it all morning!) and a pink birthday hat!
Now you talk about a GREAT birthday!
...simple Blessings...simple joys!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to YOU...(sorry if I'm off key)

What a nice surprise over the intercom--very thoughtful! Glad you had such a nice day full of sweet surprises.

Rochelleht said...

Oh my gosh, what a sweet hubby! Happy happy birthday!

I, too, have felt SO grateful this year. So much richness in our lives!

Tomilyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday! That is such a great present. Love your pictures. Happy Thanksgiving!

silken said...

what a happy, happy birthday!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Friend! I still haven't mailed your b'day surprise. It doesn't surprise you, does it? ha!! Miss you!

Love you!