Monday, December 1, 2008

Before Moving on...

Before moving on I wanted to document our wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!
We were so blessed not to have to travel 6 hours with two little ones this year!
Instead we had family come and spend time in our "special place", Our Home.
My Mom and I spent time with the boys making these fun Turkeys!
Well, the boys spent about 30 minutes (which is really pretty good) creating these edible turkeys and we finished them. Yes, the boys are in Santa hats. They are like their is never too early to celebrate Christmas!

We also spent time watching the Aggies Vs. the "Boo Horns" on Thanksgiving night.
Unfortunately, that was NOT the highlight of the night!

We were blessed to also have Londyn (Danessa and Nick's sweet daughter) over for some fun in the country!

Another picture of the kids and at the "Kids Table".
We have all be there-Ha!

Along with Londyn, came Don with Granny and Grandpa Farris.
We had soup, salad and corn bread...yummy for a cold night!

With us living a distance away it was the first time that Granny and Grandpa had been to our special place! I was honored to cook a meal for my Grandparents who have always opened their home and filled my tummy all these years!

That's only the first two days of celebrating...on Saturday we went about an hour away to spend time at my Auntie Carla and Don's home for a huge Thanksgiving feast with ALL the family!
Yes, more pictures of the kids- I am just so blessed!

There had to be three tables because of the family that was all there!
Table #1
Table #2

Table #3 of the most exciting things was celebrating my Grandparents
50th Wedding Anniversary!

Now...that is something to be truly thankful for!
A legacy that started with "I do" and has touched so many lives! be thankful every day of my life!


Michelle said...

Fun fun fun!! Your pictures are great and the food looks yummie!

Kim said...

Oh Lacie! What a blessed long weekend! My favorite is the photo of your grandpa looking at your grandma and still having stars in his eyes! You are right - what a beautiful legacy for you and your family. Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!!!