Monday, January 19, 2009

Two Words: Christy and Wally World

I'm not sure what I was doing when the TV series Christy was being aired, but I have totally fallen for the series! I am a bit weak for any type of series either TV, move, or book. I always seem to get wrapped up in the characters' lives. Well, I watched the final episode of Christy and it broke my just leaves you hanging!!! There has to be some rule against good clean romance just living you hanging. Ohhh...In my heart Christy chose Neil, but it just leaves you...heart throbbing! This is a wonderful series with wisdom, romance, and laughter. It's a must watch! Oh-the book series was good too!

Now, Wally World! I really think every time I go there for groceries I leave some of my sanity there! At one point this morning I looked over and Little Bit was laying in the floor making snow angles! Yes, snow angles! Then, as the freezing wind was blowing me over as I loaded the 1,000 bags into the car and the boys continued picking on each other another car just sat there the whole time! Yes, while I loaded my boys...then the 1,000 bags...then while I took the basket to it's little spot (Did I mention the 40 mile an hour cold wind!)! What in the World!!! There are 2,000 parking spots in the parking lot...I don't need someone watching me loose my sanity! It wasn't even a front row spot! GRRRR.

Two words Christy and Wally World!


whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Oh - that drives me absolutely insane! A trip to Walmart in itself is no picnic, then add two kids, cold weather and grouchy fellow shoppers - oh, I feel for you girl! At least the snow angels story will be funny to re-tell at some point in their lives though!

Holly said...

Wally World is not for the faint of heart. You should get a medal.

I loved the book Christy and saw some of the series. Good stuff. I'm on a bit of a Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman kick right now.

Michelle said...

If it weren't for the good prices on food I wouldn't venture to Wally World.

I've not heard of Christy either. I'll have to check it out.

momto4girls said...

Haley is getting the whole series for her birthday if you want to borrow later. I remember watching a few episodes and loved it!