Monday, January 12, 2009

Loving Good Mail!

I have been racing my boys to the mailbox because of the good mail that I have found in there lately!
My COLLEGE ROOMMATE, Sweet Ellen, who I haven't talked to in...FOREVER...totally surprised me with a box of goodies! She actually read my blog and sent me things that she knew would bring me joy (including an apron!)! Ellen, I know you are out there...Thank you girl! You are such a thoughtful person- you haven't changed a bit~
Kim, who is completely and totally thoughtful sent me this calendar to keep all my social events in line. Really, I am a very busy little lady...Hee Hee! Thank you Kim, I love it!
While my goal was to be a better good mailer...I have been blessed with some of my own. I am inspired to go buy some stamps! Thanks girls!


markandellen said...

You are welcome my friend...Have fun! Wow I posted my first comment. Hope it works!

Michelle said...

Good mail is the best! Love all you got.