Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So Sad!

I have been working so hard to stay on top of things (Well, things that I want to stay on top of...). I often have the tendency to let Valentine's Day sneak up on me because of the craziness Christmas brings, so this year I'm working to not let it happen again and actually to get in to the holiday a bit more.

With that said...I had planned Valentines and goodies for the boys' school friends and teachers, church friends, family, etc. Then, as the boys and I were cruising the store looking for the things on my Valentine's to-do list the K-Man spotted THESE BOOGERS!

I call them BOOGERS because they have totally interrupted my wonderful, terrific, so special plan for Valentines! If you don't know what they are, they are Transformers. I really didn't know what they were either until a bit before Christmas. However, they have absolutely turned my sweet little boy into a sweet bigger boy (hear the sobs!)...Ok, back o the story.

So, K-man shouts, "I want THESE valentines for my friends!!" (Me) GASP! "Oh, K. don't you want me to stamp...you could color...I could add...we could...it would be so cute..."
Nope! He stuck with his bigger boys guns and we left with the booger transformer valentines

I am devastated! I want to do all the cute things for my boys! I want them to think cute is good! SIGH...My adorable husband reassures me K-Man will always be my little boy, but my heart aches just a bit. I think deep down my adorable husband is pumped with the idea of transformers finding their way into our home!

Oh...and Little Bit left with Mickey Mouse Valentines! I guess there will be no cute handmade Valentines this year...Bummer!


rlkllk said...

OK Lacie - I think the cute phase with the boys is over. Maybe you should try for the girl. The cute phase never ends there. HA HA.

Tomilyn said...

I know your pain. Cooper is only 5 months old and I am already getting sad about him growing too fast! Yep, the boys not wanting cuteness is one reason I want to have a third that is hopefully a girl. Not that I would mind another boys because I love mine to death. But, I can envision going shopping and to spas and movies, planning weddings, etc. with my "make believe girl" while the boys are all out playing golf. If only I could convince my sweet husband that a third one is a good idea... sigh.

Holly said...

Bummer! Surely there's a way to cute up those Transformers--surely.


Lynn said...

Oh girl......they only grow sweeter and cuter. Trust me. I think that is such a sweet story. You'll never forget it. I remember when Mitch found HE-MAN. I remember when the girls found Cabbage Patch. It's just the commercialism of this old world. When they look for a sweet wife though, they'll look for one that likes cute like their Mama.

Ashley said...

You need a girl.. Get on that. :)

Or go to China for one and take me with you!! :)

Hope y'all are doing well. Happy New Year!

Rochelleht said...

You need to have a girl.


momto4girls said...

Although I would love a niece, feel free to borrow a girl whenever. I warn you though Macey just went to the gun range for 4-H, we have our lamb/goat show this Saturday, Macey is in karate, and I have to find a Girl Scout to buy cookies from this year. Go figure?! They do like to craft though!