Saturday, January 3, 2009

Manly Men

Yes, my adorable husband is an outdoor, hunting anything Manly Man! A couple of days ago he took the K-man for his first Manly Man deer hunting trip. While there were a few tears because of the early morning (K-man did get to nap a bit on the floor of the deer blind...) and the cold weather, I think the K-man has high hopes of becoming the Manly Man his Daddy is! What could make this bonding experience the best?...
How about an 8- Point BUCK!
For those who were not raised in a family of hunters (like me!)...I cropped out "Bambi's" face so you could tolerate the post. By the way...the K-man took the picture (That's my boy!).

The K-man was so excited to tell me the news about the deer. He talked so fast and so loud on the phone. To hear the play-by-play from a 4 year old is very entertaining! comes the next Manly Man in our home.
Ok, hopefully he will stay a Manly Boy for a while!


Holly said...

I guess you can't put the disclaimer "No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post..."

Thank goodness for cropping! :)

Glad your guys had fun!

Kim said...

What a perfect post for your two boys!!! I never will forget the first time I saw your scrapbook with deer guts hanging out!!!

I also LOVE the word of the month idea...may need to steal that idea! :)

Miss you!

silken said...

he can hunt them and photograph them! very cool!! a perfect balance I guess! :)

penguinette said...

B is wanting to go camping soon. Are y'all interested? Holler at me.

Daesha said...

I've nominated you for an award, and you can read about how to accept it on my blog.

Just what you always wanted... and award that means more work for you! :-)

Happy New Year!