Thursday, January 1, 2009

A WooHoo Moment!

I just had to share my Woo Hoo Moment! I just deleted over 900 e-mails from my inbox. I know...I know, how could I let it get that way? Well, I'm just not a good that a word? I read e-mails and then I just hesitate on what to do...Delete? File in a Folder? Forward? Reply? So, I move on and they just sit there! Well, no more! They are all gone. What a free feeling!
I also just plain deleted an e-mail account that was just JUNK mail! Yes, Poof gone! WOO HOO! ...And not to brag, but I spent time organizing my desktop and I have started a binder of all my favorite websites, blogs, etc. Yes, all organized by topics. I am feeling mighty Focused!

Ok, now to the kitchen where I should have been focusing my time about 3 hours ago...oops!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Way to go!! I really need to do that and my kitchen. But I think I'll just sit here and blog and while longer....