Monday, March 23, 2009

5 Years and Counting

The K-man turned 5 Years Old yesterday!
To honor his special day here are 5 of 5 favorite things!

Favorite Foods

  1. carrots
  2. oatmeal (Cinnamon roll)
  3. Pizza (with mushrooms, black olives, and hamburger meat)
  4. strawberries
  5. ice cream (Vanilla)

Favorite Animals

  1. Dinosaurs
  2. monkeys
  3. guinea pigs
  4. dogs
  5. horses

Favorite things to do for FUN

  1. Draw (dinosaurs)/coloring/stickers
  2. Play outside in the "tree"-set
  3. Outdoor stuff (camping, fishing, hunting)
  4. looking at books
  5. going to church (seeing church friends)

Favorite TV shows and books

  1. Spirit
  2. Franklin
  3. Backyardigans
  4. Dino books
  5. Snow and Space Buddies

Favorite Bible Stories

  1. Zacchaeus
  2. Jesus feeding the 5,000 (5 loaves and 2 fish)
  3. David and Goliath
  4. Daniel and the lions den
  5. Moses and the plagues

One to grow on: Favorite Toys

  1. Dino toys (Chopper)
  2. Hot wheels and Speed racers
  3. Power Rangers
  4. "Soft" animals
  5. Puzzles
Happy 5th Birthday K-man!
K-man had a wonderful ZOO party...Pictures to come!


penguinette said...

I thought about Kannon yesterday. It was also two years since the babies came home from the NICU. I can't believe he is five years old!!

silken said...

happy birthday Kannon! Five is such a big deal, so important to the kids!

Rochelleht said...

My baby turns 6 in a couple of weeks. It's amazing how fast time flies! He's a cutie!!

Holly said...

Goodness sakes alive, K-man has turned FIVE!! He looks pretty proud of himself at that accomplishment. :)

Can't wait to see and hear more...

Heather said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you!