Tuesday, March 24, 2009

4 Boxes and a Slide

We finally made the plunge and with the money we got from the JBF sale (and a bit more) we purchased 4 boxes and a slide!I am blessed to have an adorable husband and Dad that are very handy with tools, wood and instructions. Good thing...because, there were tools need, A LOT of wood and 50ish steps of directions!
We had read up on the set and knew that some had estimated 35 hours with up to three men working on it at a time... However, with out fear "the men" began the construction!

The only help they wanted from "the girls" (My Mom and me) was plenty of iced tea and good manly meals. No Problem! We also got some sitting time on the porch with coffee in (Shhhh!).

The K-man was thrilled to help! Well, as much help has the Paw Paw and Daddy could handle.
(Ok, you may think it is odd that the K-man is wearing Halloween Bat shorts and Camo...Let me remind you that we live out were nobody really sees us AND I have decided this is not a battle I care to take on!)

Still Working...

Still Working...

Almost There...


I have TWO little boys and TWO big boys that are very happy to have the project done!

The K-man calls it his "Tree Set" because, "I can see the trees!"

One of Little Bit's favorite thing to do is open the window and shout, "Cocka-Doodle-Do!"
I think it has to do with the rooster weather-vane on top.

I have to admit-
I have been down the slide on multiple occasions and have used the swings!
Too FUN!

Thanks adorable husband and Dad!
After two FULL days of working (with a lot of iced tea) and two trips to Lowe's for missing parts the "tree-set" has been a huge hit for the boys! It was finished in time for the K-man's b-day...yea!


penguinette said...

WOW oh WOW!! I love the picnic table under the cute roof. I am fully impressed. What a talented staff you have. Congrats!

Lynn said...

GREAT job MEN of the woods. I love that set. Neena needs one exactly like it. Do you rent out adorable husband? I make a mean glass of iced tea. Helloooooooooo Troy, BA and Mitch!

Heather said...

Oh my!! That is awesome! The guys did a great job putting that together and I know the kids will have many hours of play...while you have many hours of coffee! HA

Miss you!

momto4girls said...

Hee Hee! I would have loved to have watched my brother put that together. I watched ours put together by hubby and had to wonder why we had sooo many extra parts.

Holly said...

Your men did super work! The play set will definitely be THE COOL place to play for your boys and their friends.

Michelle said...

FUN! FUN! FUN! I want to get one of those for our back yard. Way to go to your hubby and dad for putting together such a big project. And of course to you girls that were there for moral support and iced tea ;)

silken said...