Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The K-man is always the one to think creatively!
The little man wanted a Zoo Party, but not one that is actually at the Zoo.
Now, he has had this party idea in mind for a while...he decides the year before what he wants his next b-day party to be.
(I found the Elephant shirt for the party!)
We decided to "Eat What Zoo Animals Eat" along with everything ZOO.
We had veggies(carrots), fruit (bananas, grapes, apples), hay(home-made butterscotch haystacks), peanuts (in the shell), fish (goldfish), meat (chicken nuggets).
The K-man drew pictures of Zoo animals that decorated the table- Bear, giraffe, and Lion. These are pictures that I will treasure! I had the cake made, but added touches of the water, trees, rocks and of-course the zoo animals (I just can't seem to let things go. I always seem to have to add or change things!)
We also had ZOO matchbox cars, zoo animals, zoo stickers and a zoo animal frame they made at the party with a picture in it to go home with (each picture was of the child and the K-man taken at the party).
AND not to be forgotten the ZEBRA pinata!!!

The boys loved riding the Gator and playing on the tree-set!

Aren't these boys precious...I mean manly!

Above are some (just a glimpse of the 1,000 I took) fun pictures of the ZOO Party!

Sweet Brothers at the party!
We love you K-man!
I hope you had fun!


Rochelleht said...

Oh my gosh, seriously ADORABLE! I am loving the cake. Great job!!

Michelle said...

Fun party! I'm sure your K-man enjoyed it. Love the additions you did to the cake. Your such a fun mom to do at home parties. And your little guy has some great party ideas!!

Kim said...

2009 is definitely the year of the zebra!!! What a fun afternoon and all the animal touches are perfect!!! The teacher in my loves the labelled food! And the framed art work is probably my favorite decoration ever!!!!

I can't believe it was five years ago that we held teeny-tiny K in our arms. Time flies! Happy birthday Kannon!
Love you!
PS - the big brown box is still by our front door...good mail coming! :)

penguinette said...

How fun! I love the menu idea. He is getting so big. AHHH!

Holly said...

What a GREAT party!! I'm sure K-man and his friends had a blast. I love the zoo theme and all the extra touches.

Auntie Lindsey said...

Awe!! I can't stand missing the fun, and it looked FUN! I can't believe how grown up Kannon looked in the first picture. 5 ALREADY?! Good job Momma, the party looked great! Miss you guys!!

Heather said...

Looks like SO much fun! I love all your decorating! Happy Birthday K-man! We love you!

Linda said...

It was soooo great to be apart of the "Zoo Party" for Kannon!!! He will always have great memories of his birthday parties!!!!! Way to go Mom!

Lynn said...

I can not even fathom that the K-man is 5. And he does not even know about Camp Neena. Why is that? Love you guys and can't wait until May 2.

MOMSWEB said...

How fun! I never thought I'd have so much fun on an Internet Camping Trip. This was great!