Monday, March 9, 2009

Moved to the TOP of my list!

Ok, today I decided blogging was going to be moved to the TOP of my "TO DO LIST"!!!
To accomplish this...the boys are zipped into the trampoline and I have threatened them not to call me unless a limb is hanging off! What is scary, is this may really happen!! Hang-on tight, I have to type fast!
I wanted to say THANKS with a HUGE hug to Kim for the GREAT mail!!!
You are so thoughtful for sending goodies from Savannah to bring back the memories of the Flamingo girls trip! Love ya Girl! (the candy has been hidden from the boys-Ha!)

If I don't see another one of these JBF tags for another year I would be happy! Have you heard of We are sooo ready for spring!

Did you know you had to wear goggles with your garden cloves to plant?
Di you know that you have to take a "monkey" with you to shop for spring plants?
And I have not only been a soccer mom, but I am now a T-Ball mom!
Doesn't the K-man look so big!
It has been such an adventure! My adorable husband does not know much about soccer so that season was smooth, but T-ball has started off a bit differently. We now have a backstop in the backyard, we have been through two bats to find the "just right" fit, and I have heard the comment on several occasions, "How can you teach a 4 year old how to stand to hit without getting frustrated!" (HeeHee!) Really, my adorable husband and the K-man have really done well! The other night at practice the K-man was putting dirt in his cap and then putting it back on his head -Ha! AND he was also making face prints in the dirt (literally with his face!)...My adorable husband does smile and laugh at these things, but I also catch him rolling his eyes-HeeHee!

So, there! I am back on the blogging saddle again!
What have you been up to?


Michelle said...

HA! you need to take some pictures of K-man goofing off in the field. Classic!! My boys have done those very same things.

Daesha said...

Missed you. Glad you're back. The pics are so cute! I agree, take a photo of K-man goofing off. Those are some of my favorites.

silken said...

baseball season!!

I gotta check out this JBF...

Holly said...

I bet the T-ball is a blast! Thanks for the tip about JBF, I need to look into that.