Saturday, April 18, 2009

Batter-Up Little Man!

We are in Full Swing with T-ball!

Our T-ball experience started off a bit rocky (I say OUR because I found that when you are in the world of sports it changes the routine of the WHOLE family!)...after K-man went to tryouts, my adorable husband came home concerned that K-Man would have to stay in the outfield the whole season so he wouldn't get "killed out there"! K-man is the youngest boy on his team. However, over the last several weeks of practices, practice games, and now games he has really come a VERY LONG WAY!

With my adorable husband as one of then team coaches I have seen an added dynamic to their relationship develop . With soccer my adorable husband really wasn't able to instruct K-man much, BUT baseball...we are in his element!

It has been a joy to see the K-man's love for the game deepen and my adorable husband become somewhat of a kid again (ok, really...he has never grown -up). But, still fun to watch them together.

My adorable husband has learned a bit more about patience, while K-man has leaned to catch, hit and RUN!

We have had a hard time getting the K-man to RUN to first base instead of jog. He just watched the ball and jogs there not really caring if he is out or not.Solution: I have told him every time he make it to first base with out being tagged out he gets a baseball card. Problem: Once he makes it to first base he looks for me in the stands and hollers, " Momma, I made it to first! I get a baseball card, right?!" (my poor husband just rolls his eyes-oops!)He HAS been faster lately though!

My little man also has a tendency to play in the dirt! He is usually covered from head to toe at the end of the game. That red dirt is just too cool!

K-man is on a GREAT team with some adorable little boys.
They have gotten better every game and we actually won a game last week. (most of the time it is a tie because it is 5 runs or three outs each team up).

What have I leaned so far:
1. What the K-man wears is NOT an outfit, but a Uniform!
2. Grass stains and red dirt do not always come out after the first wash.
3. Baseball cards can disturb a game in progress (ie. "Momma, I'm on first!")
4. Baseball bats hurt when hit by one.
5. Do not interrupt a coaching moment between my adorable husband and K-man even if just trying to encourage.
6. You don't say, "your blue outfit makes your blue eyes so bright" or "you look so cute"
7. Supper at 5:30 and bedtime at 7:30 is a thing of the past (at least two to three days a week!)
8. Little Bit wants to play too!!!!!
9. It is always windy and cooler at the T-ball field!
10. Your child is the BEST player at there NO MATTER WHAT!


momto4girls said...

Those are great pics! He looks so handsome in his uniform. I had to laugh about Dad learning patience, I never thought I would hear that! hee hee

Kim said...

Precious, precious, precious! I will have to remember your list of things not to say! hahhahaha K is doing fabulous and I know Trey is so proud and happy to see K loving "their" sport! Love ya!

Lindsey said...

The pictures are absolutely priceless and precious. I love the first base incentive-very clever momma!!! These boys are growing up way too fast!! (I bet the "outfit" makes his blue eyes just beautiful!! Momma's can too say that!)