Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Anyone??

I am one of those Momma's that feel educating your children empowers them!
Today, I took the K-man to a Tea Party in our small town. I was so proud of him and the other proud Americans and their families that we marched with.

I am not sure how many marched around the downtown courthouse and stayed for the speeches. One estimate was 1,500ish.

All I know was there was one little boy who was happy to march around waving the American flag while others honked their horns and cheered him on.

My sweet boy!

At the rally following the march there were many wonderful speeches, but the thing that touched me the most was the prayer for our nation and 1,000 people saying the pledge to our wonderful country!

We ran into some friends from church and we were able to share the experience with them.

The signs were also fun to read...some people are just so creative!

I want the K-man to understand how wonderful it is to be free! Free to worship our God, Free to live where we want, Free to become who we want...Free to stand up for what you believe in!
I also explained today when we don't agree with how things are going in our government we must stand up in a respectful way. We must stand up for our belief in God and the good of others. We must always stand strong for what we believe to be true!

God Bless America!
Stand up for what you believe in!


Rochelleht said...

YEAH YOU!!! I'm so jealous. I was on my way and got a call that Gracie was sick, so I had to go home. I still drove around the rally with my windows down and took pictures. I'm so bummed that I missed out. But, I guess sometimes that's what being a mom is all about.

Holly said...

Good for y'all for taking a stand and going to the march. What a memory for K. (and you too).

Love the photo of K. with his flag!

silken said...

yay! glad you got to go! we attended a good one too. though no marching. the signs were fun to read! my son was really in tune to what he is facing in the next few years as he enters the adult world. I am glad you took K w/ you. and what a turn out!