Tuesday, April 28, 2009

San Antonio Adventure- Sea World

Sea World...The Boys first time!
Firsts are so much fun!
We counted down the day until we left for about two weeks- that is a VERY long count down for two VERY excited little boys!

The boys were mesmerized and just soaked it all in...one show at a time!

It was whale worth the wait! (I'm so clever!)

K-man was excited to feed the seals following one of the shows, however Little Bit had no use for the stinky little fish!

Now, one of my absolute favorite memories will always be K-man's first
As we headed up through the line the K-man got quieter and became very still (which is a HUGE deal if you know my first born!).

However, once the ride started he yelled and laughed through the whole ride!
I have to admit I laughed with and at him the entire time...I don't remember having so much fun on a roller coaster!
I love this picture of him! It totally captures how much fun he had.

One of our family favorites was feeding and touching the dolphins~

Little Bit needed some encouragement, but came around after three containers of smelly fish!

Who do these crazy looking boys belong to ...Well, me!
There was a 4-D pirate movie that played throughout the day.
The K-man laughed through the whole thing as we got pooped on (with real water)by birds and stung by bees as our seat vibrated!
Although this little booger only made it through the fist 15 minutes...the bees finished him off.
So, I relied on the K-man to give me a full report on the rest of the movie.
Maybe next time little guy!

Little Bit loved the shows.
He was frozen not missing anything.
He would tell us what he saw in very dramatic fashion once the show was over.

Here are some favorite photos fro m our day...

We saved Shamu for last!
It was WHALE worth the wait!
It was our GRAND FINALE!!

So beautiful!

The day ended with two happy (but tired) little boys holding Shamu ...
It just seemed right!


Kim said...

What a fabulous trip!!! K on the roller coaster is the BEST!!! I love how they were mesmerisized by the shows. When we went last summer, J and R were practically in a trance at the animals. What a great day of fun! Love ya!

Kim said...

PS - I LOVE the pic of you and B by the flamingos! How appropriate! :)

Holly said...

Squeal! Glad y'all had such a fun time and the boys were on Cloud 9 over all the shows and rides.

We have NEVER been there (I know!), but hope to go this summer.

penguinette said...

So fun! Was there enough to keep Braden occupied? We are thinking f taking the twins this summer. Do you think they are too young?

Rochelleht said...

You guys are SOOOO cute!! I love Seaworld AND San Antonio. What a perfect weekend. Those pics on the roller coaster are PRICELESS.

Ashley said...

We love Sea World, and it looks like you did, too. G loves feeding the sea lions, and we usually spend a lot of time (and money) there. You got some great pics!

Lynn said...

I MISS YOU I MISS YOU I MISS YOU .....yall come back.

momto4girls said...

How fun and how smart to go before the summer rush and summer heat. Can't wait to take Lilly!