Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day Smile

I am NOT going to say being a Momma to two little boys is easy.
BUT I 'm absolutely loving every minute of it!
Dear awesome father, thank you for my boys. I never knew how much better I would understand our relationship by having children. I love them so much and I am working daily be the mother to them you have called me to be. I make mistakes, but I'm relieved to understand that you are in control and you make everything right. Thank you for selecting me and my adorable husband to raise Kannon and Braden- I am honored.


Michelle said...

Happy one day late Mothers day beautiful lady!! Your boys are so cute and I think your a great mom to them. Keep up all the good work!

Lynn said...

Beautiful picture, beautiful mom, handsome sons, beautiful job. You can trust me on that.

Holly said...

What a pretty picture of you with two of your favorite boys (the third was busy taking the picture). Your prayer was beautiful and so true. K & B are blessed to have you as their Momma!

Hope your Mother's Day (and others) was wonderful!