Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A "Picture Perfect" day at the zoo!

On our fun family trip to San Antonio we took some time to enjoy the Zoo.

The boys have always enjoyed animals and never tire of visiting various zoos.
However, this day we decided to give each of the boys a disposable camera to see the zoo through their eyes...
It made the day so much fun to see the boys running around trying to get the best picture and getting excited about the pictures they took. It did take a little explaining to why they couldn't see the picture after it was taken AND that we would have to get the film developed at a store...(oh, the good old days-Ha!)

My favorite exhibit at the San Antonio Zoo was the butterfly garden.
We could not touch the butterflies and when we exited we had to make sure there were none remaining on our clothing. The butterflies were so beautiful AND there were just so many!

NOW, the boys favorite exhibit were the reptiles! Ohhhh...I have never been very fond of snakes and the like, but you do what you have to do. I spent much of my time talking to the boys about what to do if they saw a snake and enjoying there reaction to the "cool" and "awesome" creatures.

Now, of course throughout the day I took many pictures and here are some that tug on my heart strings!

What ideas do you have for making the trips to the zoo an adventure?


Holly said...

What a great idea to give the boys disposable cameras--and then try to interpret what it was they snapped.

The butterfly exhibit sounds soooo cool! Love to check that out.

Laurie said...

My boys love the Zoo. Just yesterday Dylan said that's what he was looking forward to doing most this summer. Your boys are so darling!!