Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank You McD's

What do you do when you want to take your Two WILD boys to get their pictures in the bluebonnets (an smile while looking at the camera!)??
You bribe them for a trip to McD's!

Ok, I am one of those terrible Mom's that go out of their way not to encourage places like McD's.
I try my best to train my children that eating out is just a treat not a normal AND I try to pick out places that will encourage good eating habits...With that said! We WILL be eating here again...SOON! There must be many parents that agree with me because there was nobody there!! The boys had the outdoor play area to themselves for a WHOLE HOUR!!! Yes, I sat...drank my tea and READ for an HOUR!!!
Did I say we WILL be going back?

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Rochelleht said...

Bluebonnet Pictures??? Post soon, please!