Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proud of YOU

My Granny, the K-man's Great-Granny, has been in the hospital for over a week with several issues. I got a phone call Sunday that Granny was asking when she would see me and the boys. That is all I needed to head down there as soon a s I could! We came up with a plan for me to take off from work then we would leave after K-man's graduation from Pre-K on Wednesday and spend several days with my family. WELL...We received a phone call Tuesday (yesterday) , around lunch time, to remind us that graduation was changed to this coming Thursday... WHAT? The day of graduation and we find out it has been changed!!! You just don't do that!!

I just started to cry. I'm really struggling letting my little boy "out in the world" to attend kindergarten next year (that is another post!) and being so far from family. Well, at that moment I just needed to cry. K-man had been practicing for weeks for his graduation program...he had been singing the songs at home...he was excited about wearing a graduation Granny has been so sick...she is so weak...she wants to see us...I love her so much...I have already taken off work...Trey will not be able to be at the re-scheduled graduation due to work...we just found out!..I have being packing...I want to do it all!!

So I talked with K-man. In a wise, sweet little voice he concluded, " I will be sad not to do my program, because it is my favorite, BUT I would be more sad not to see Great Granny because she has been sick." As my eyes filled with tears I knew he understood how important family was. I was so proud of his understanding of the situation. Then in a whirl wind my mind spun into action trying to make the night special for him!

K-man was THRILLED with the idea of a fun night a CHUCK E. CHEESE! My adorable husband let his love for us shine as he hauled us all to the K-man 's school to pick up his graduation shirt so he could wear it on our night out and then to the Big City to find a graduation hat and head to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate!

The workers there made K-man feel so special, making him feel so "big" because he would be going into Kindergarten!!!

Little Bit didn't mind helping K-man celebrate either!

We had special gifts for K-man letting him know how proud we are - how he has behaved at school and with friends, how he continues to make good decisions, and how he shows his love for God through his daily actions.
Let the games begin...

The proud Daddy!
The proud Momma.
K-man, I love you so much. I know you will do great things for our Father. Your love for your family is evident and makes me proud. I hope this night you had fun and felt a glimpse of how proud we are of you!...You looked adorable with your graduation hat on!


Rochelleht said...

You must be proud! That is so awesome that he made the right decision. I hope your grandma is ok and your visit is good.

Heather said...

Lacie! That is so sweet! What a great idea and what a sweet heart K-man has. I love that boy!

I hope Granny is doing better me later.

Love you and are keeping you and your family in our prayers!

Holly said...

I'm sorry your Granny has been so sick. I know your visit will lift her spirits!

K-man is so sweet and thoughtful to understand the situation and make the decision in favor of family. Great idea to do a semi-graduation and a FUN party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Will be praying for your Granny!

penguinette said...

Once again, I am in tears. You have such a blessed family. Love you all!

Kim said...

A lump in my throat... many prayers for Granny. Be safe and keep us posted. Ever since we laid eyes on K, I knew he was something special and his tender heart is just one of those special things. I know you are bursting with joy that he "gets" that family is the most important thing after God. I love you sweet friend!!!

Lynn said...

I hope your Granny is better today! What a wise and sweet little boy to help you make the decision. It all shows how you are raising him. I love that he had his own private celebration! GO K MAN! CONGRATS.....Look out world.

silken said...

you guys are awesome! he is able to make that decision because of his parents!