Monday, June 8, 2009

That's A Wrap!

I could not let T-ball season officially end without a wrap-up!
One of the highlights of the season was K-man enjoying the day with his little league team at the Texas Rangers Little League Day!

K-man's team (along with my adorable husband and Little Bit)...Oh, and another 1,000 other excited little boys and girls , got the chance to walked around the field.

Aren't they just to cute!...I mean manly!
The day was also a special day for the boys because they were giving out Ranger jerseys! Little Bit is sporting one of the jerseys!


What is a day at the baseball game with out Self Portraits?!?

yep! There are my precious boys!

The game was VERY exciting! They boys yelled, jumped, cheered, danced, and did the wave multiple times- I think that they got the full baseball experience!

This T-ball season was just plain FUN! K-man improved so much and he really had fun with the guys which is really what any mother wants. I love this picture because K-man is wearing my adorable husbands cap- after leaving his at Gramzie's house-oops!

During this season it was fun to watch the relationship between my adorable husband and K-man get a bit deeper on other levels. It warmed my heart to see the relationship between them only grow stronger. My adorable husband is K-man's #1 fan (after me of course!)

AND the season could not be concluded without mentioning the Little Bit. He wanted to be just like his big brother! He was able to sit with the guys on the team and say "good game" with the other team following the game. He even got to pick out of the "hustle bucket" following the game, but it wasn't until the last game when he was able to stand in the outfield with his Daddy and big brother!!!

K-man was so sweet to little Bit! He let the little guy hand out with him and made Little Bit feel so big! Thanks for being a GREAT big brother!

You don't have to much longer Little Guy before you will be knocking them out of the park!

Meet the Little League

Oh, I can't neglect to mentioned that the last game K-man was hit in the face with a ball. The sweet boy cried and looked for his Daddy on the field. He was fine after a couple of reassuring words from his coach/Daddy! Way to be tough!

Following the last game pizza, cupcakes and a trophy were enjoyed by the team!
every boy on the team signed 11 game balls so each boy could have signatures from their teammates! What I neat memory for K-man's first T-ball experience.

The proud Dad!
And you better believe this K-man has a
K-man you did great!

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silken said...

what fun to walk on the field!

way to hang tough K. makes you a better ball player!

we recently drove past the fields where my son first played tball. he loved it!